Journey about 30 kilometers north of Cebu City along the national highway, and you will get to our little town.

We are Wagas Ukuleles and we are from Compostela, PH. Nestled between mountains and the sea, it is home to a mix of craftsmen, musicians, and creative minds. Our brand is deeply influenced by the town's humble yet strong culture. Leading us to redefine tradition, giving birth to Ukuleles by Wagas Crafts.

Traditionally, the wood is bent to form the sides of the ukulele body but Wagas Ukuleles are cut from solid block mahogany. It offers a full-bodied tone despite the implementation of a unique production. So it brings a different approach to ukuleles with designs inspired by everyday objects.

Along with our ukulele's extraordinary character comes the precision and dedication kept in mind by the craftsmen as the manufacturing takes place. Making sure each uke is Wagas quality while carrying the heart of the maker.

God bless and happy strumming!

- Ritchie Wagas